Monday, February 12, 2018

Prescription Needed

Social media-MD I need your help! I'll go through my symptoms and you can give your best educated guess as to what is ailing me.

I seem to bruise more easily.
I have started to use the word 'sensible' when looking for footwear.
Leaving the house I either look homeless or put together, there is no in-between.
I notice how not-white my teeth are compared to others.
My childhood dream of becoming a world famous ballerina is looking less likely of coming true.
I skipped a pedicure recently not because I had forgotten to shave my legs but because I had not shaved my left big toe.
I work really hard on my marriage because a 'revenge body' is way out of reach at this point.
Sunscreen is my cosmetic of choice.
I recently referred to newlyweds as 'just babies'.
As I type this my right eye keeps closing so that the words stop moving all over the screen and my leg fell asleep.

Taking in all the facts, if your diagnosis is that it's my 37th birthday you are correct! I am off to fill my prescription of red wine, antacids and smooth move tea!

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

To Asia and Back

So we are settling into our new digs after a whirlwind stint of 22 months living in S. Korea. That would of been a great time to blog and share with you every detail of the culture, beauty of the landscape, and interesting people we engaged along the way..... yeah what a blog that would of made..... oh well.

Let me sum it up as best I can with one liners and short statements:

Swamp-ass, the struggle is real.

Our family motto of 'Try new things' was put to the test with unrecognizable sea creatures and insects. We made it back to the USA without any parasites that we know of....winning!

Kids don't care if you are in paradise, they are going to act like kids and do stuff like leave wet bathing suits on the floor of 5 star resorts. Get carsick into your lap in the back of a taxi. Pee their pants on the metro. And surprise you with bravery you knew they had, but had yet to show the world!

You can pick Americans out of a crowd anywhere in the world, this is both alarming and comforting.

The best ways to adsorb another culture is through their food and to get off the beaten path. These are also the best ways to get sick and robbed. Totally worth the gamble!

God will put the people you need in your life, right in front of you, no matter where in the world you are.

We (our family) were stared at.... a lot. So much so that when we got back stateside we all kind of missed it.  I can only imagine what they must of been thinking...

In preparation for this post I thought back on what a non-military friend said to me. She was marveling at the places my life has taken me and asked "are your kids just so excited to get to lead such an adventurous life?". My answer was simple... no. They have nothing else to compare it to. All their needs are met and most of their wants. Life moves forward no matter where 'home' is. There is always laundry to be done and meals to be made. Plus they are selfish and ungrateful beings...
And to make my point I recently asked Curly (who is 12 now) what she missed most about our time living in Asia. Anticipating her answer to be somewhere between snorkeling in the ocean off the coast of Cebu in the Philippines to riding an elephant through the jungle in Phuket, Thailand or maybe closer to home, navigating the open street markets of Seoul. She answered "walking to Burger King with my friends".

Someday, when my kids learn the price of anything they will understand the sacrifice, hard work, time and planning it took to cart them around the globe to expose them to life outside the norm....

Or not. Either way, Mr LbF and I had a blast! Pics below to prove it.

Seoul and family that made the trip to see us

First moment captured after our journey to Seoul


Cebu, Philippines

Phuket, Thailand

Good People

Re-enactment, last day in Seoul!

Sunday, September 6, 2015

I left my pants in San Francisco

With the long summer days come long summer moves. Military families are winding down after another warm moving season. The Bomar family was not to be left out this time and we fired ourselves up for a trip half way around the world. The Lord saw fit to have us journey to South Korea!
I went through the roller coaster of emotions that one does when you finally get the call that your soldier has 'orders in hand'
Squeal in delight
Take a deep breath
Said "okay" multiple times
Praised the Lord
Cried a little
Called my Mother
Googled South Korea
Got overwhelmed
Cried again
Called a bestie
Allowed myself to get excited

When we sat the kids down and told them we had orders to Korea I got to see them pile onto the roller coaster and each hit their highs and lows at different times. It was quite obvious that this was going to be a move for the books or in this case, blog!

Mr. LbF and I took to the calendar to hatch our master plan of attack! It would look something like this:
May- Ship HHG (household goods) and hold baggage (small shipment that arrives at destination first), kids finish school, move out of our rental house and into our RV.
June- Live in RV 1-15th, stay with friends 15-21st, start cross country trip to CA on 21st after church.
July- Live in our house in CA after cross country trip, stay with family July 24th to Aug 10th
Aug- Fly to Seattle on the 10th and South Korea on the 11th, get house/car right away, have kids start school on the 31st.

Looking at it in hindsight it still seems like a solid plan. But no journey or PCS (permanent change of station) is with out it's charms..

Here is our short list of what Mr. LbF likes to call building scar tissue or broadening experiences.

May flew by and before I knew it I was sitting in our RV with 4 kids 1 small dog and lots of rain. Like flash flood kind of rain. The fridge in the RV went on the fritz and the mosquitos were the size of my thumb.
June brought a welcome change when we moved in with the Wonderfuls! These amazing people took on six Bomars and one small dog, without batting an eye. Three days before we planned on starting our trek I was sprucing up in the RV and caught the glimpse of what appeared to be mold, on the inside above the cab. Twenty minutes later, Mrs. Wonderful found me in our RV covered in sweat, tears and the walls of our RV. I had begun to tear away at what I could see and as I worked the damage I uncovered just got bigger and bigger.

This is where Mr. Wonderful comes into the story. By night he saves lives by sharing the gospel, by day he owns his own construction company. The very next day our RV turned work site and by sunset all damage was fixed, leaks were gone and we were cleared for take off.
Mr. Wonderful

Working construction miracles

A couple that cleans mold together!

Mrs. Wonderful getting in on the mold busting 

Does not have to be pretty to be dry!

We had many loving folks ask us how they could pray for us. My answer was always the same, please pray for safe travel and no puke. Day one I puked. Chicken fried steak at an Ihop attached to a gas station, not a wise or healthy choice.

By the time we hit Colorado a simple GPS mistake turned into burning up the RV brakes on a one lane hairpin turn road. When we pulled into the RV park Mr LbF had no brakes and took out a stop sign and left our side steps smeared against a concrete curb. We bought a two day delay and a lesson on the function of a brake master cylinder.

Taking turns who drove the RV and who drove the van we trekked across this great nation hitting some of the hot spots. Mt. Rushmore was worth the drive. Yellowstone did not disappoint. Dipped our toes in Montana. The RV blew three tires in three different states. By Idaho we bought all new tires and received peace of mind.

Oregon and California were filled with family and friends loving on us. Highlights included laughs with high school pals and taking the kids to do things we did when we were their age. I sat on the back porch for coffee with my dear friends and neighbors the Decausemakers. Watched my kids learn how to play domino's with their Great, great Uncle at a back yard BBQ. Dinner out in San Fran with my hubby. First Sunday at our families church!

All to soon it was the day to fly. I had spent days packing everything just right. I am a machine. Mechanical about it. Going through every scenario in which I reach into the right pocket and pull out the item that saves the day! Every kid had their own backpack filled (but not to heavy) with objects to amuse. I had travel size first aid kit, changes of clothes rolled tight, antibacterial/baby/flushable wipes, new toys the kids had not seen before, small craft projects to be done on the planes, healthy snacks, and plenty of puke bags. I even have a little plastic thingy that goes over a strangers mouth in case I need to preform CPR. Mary Poppins herself even gave me her seal of approval. And that does not come easy my friend.
Sitting at our gate I felt relief..... and a bit of a breeze. I went to the bathroom and while sitting I could see clear to the floor, through my pants. At some point while juggling all my well packed bags and shoving kids through security with a fake smile on my face as not to alarm them.. "It's ok children, a uniformed person sliding the back of their gloved hand over Mommy's boobs is perfectly normal. As is, swiping a 11 year old girl's hands and testing the swab. All in a day's travel"! I had split a giant hole in my "casual yet comfy, with pockets" pants. So the first person's day I saved, was my own. I dug out my carefully rolled up backup pants and pitched my draws into the bin in San Francisco.

The flight to Seattle was uneventful and a great start. When we landed however.... juggling six people, ten suitcases, six backpacks, a dog in a crate, car seat and my sanity proved challenging. Delta lost Mr. LbF's suitcase (we still do not have any idea where it is).

Aug 11th we paraded into the airport from our hotel at 5:00 am to check-in to our South Korea bound flight. You know what you can't prepare for? Being told that the passport belonging to your three year old has his birth year as 1981.... No one to blame but ourselves. Fifty-plus days and nine states earlier was the time to notice such things. Had it been a commercial flight (we flew military) I do not believe they would have let us through but for whatever reason, we got the green light to fly and take care of it on the other end. The other end of course was two very long flights and two bus rides half way around the world. We were given a stern head shake and 72hrs to find the U.S Embassy and purchase a temporary passport.  Needless to say our first Korean adventure had real purpose! God is good and no Bomars will be deported!

Two weeks after landing we had a roof over our heads to call our own and slept in our own beds! The girls started school. We are praying for a car. My fantasy of walking hand in hand across this beautiful country looks more like a relay team coming in last and they know it. The humid air here hates me and I am drenched in sweat before I can lock the door behind me. So far we have been able to stagger our fits of disgust from the heat and the fact we are walking in it, so that there is at least one person leading the soggy pack in the right direction. That person being Mr. LbF.... as I am sure you guessed.

Our family motto for this trip has turned into our motto for our time we will spend here in Korea, "Try New Things"! And there are so many things to try!
Below is a home video of our journey. It is basically a step up from sitting through vacation slide shows. Enjoy!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Cheerios and Piss

There are three amazing young ladies that know how to pee and poo in the potty because of me! I am quite proud of this fact because as you can read here that last one was a bit of a challenge. Larry being my first go around I pulled out all the new parent tricks and we spent hours with her bare end seated in front of me while I read book after book. She was pretty easy to convince, as she was and remains to this day, a people pleaser. Of course there was that one time when Mr. LbF left to take the dog out and I was in running a bath for Larry. She had taken the initiative to prepare for her bath and was strolling around naked as a jaybird. I called her in to get into the water and stepped back to the doorway to say something to Mr. LbF who had just returned from outside with the dog. We both saw it at the same time. There in the center of the dining room floor, between us, was a giant pile of poo. We glanced from the pile to each other and Mr. LbF said "Who did that?".  Answering his question with a question I asked "How often do I crap on the dining room floor, that you feel the need to ask?".

Curly's potty training went a bit smoother. We did however spend more times then I can count holding her ankles in the air with her round end pointed down wind. Her only challenge now is that she absolutely will not use a port-a-john. God forbid she travel abroad. Just the hint of an outhouse and she clinches up, shakes her head and says "I'll hold it". One day at a zoo we thought she might pop.

Now I have Shemp. I have been told by the wise women that are raising boys before me that they do take longer and will take an interest when they are good and ready. That is all well and good except the fact that pre-schools around here will only take 3 year olds that are clued in to the potty habit.
So I have taken all the steps to insure success. I bought gummy snacks, fun hand soap, and a little toilet that makes music when you piss in it. Each of the big sisters was promised their heart's desire if they convinced him to use it.

Mr. LbF was out in the field playing soldier when we started the game of pee-pee-in-the-potty. We have heard the sweet chime of success a time or two. But mostly, practice looks more like me sitting on the edge of the tub trying to read a story to my half naked boy as he sits on his throne using fingers and thumbs to stretch out his penis as far as he can and open and close the tip all while making a "wah wah waha" sound. It looked kind of like he was letting the air out of a balloon. When I described this over the phone to the hubby his question, was not in the boys handling of himself, but of my reasons for making him sit! I told him that if I knew how to pee standing up I would teach him. Because I know the mess it would cause, standing lessons, will be up to him.

If I compile the wonderful advice given by others, all I can picture is Shemp standing with Mr. LbF in the sprinkler naked in our backyard holding their parts in one hand, gummy candy in the other while they piss at floating cheerios in a bucket. Every hour over the course of a long weekend. If it has a chance of working, i'm all for it. So how do I go about convincing them?

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

When Worlds Collide

I am taking the leap and joining two of the greatest things in my life. Blog world meet my professional world! Professional world meet my blog world, but please keep in mind I am much more professional while on the job then in my writing.... most of the time....ok, some of the time..well,
when asked!

To celebrate this grand occasion I am asking for assistance from you! The time has come to invest in new market materials and I believe that a slogan is going to help further my business. Below are what I have narrowed down to be my top picks. Please consider them all and give your feedback in the comments section below.

God is Good and being a Doula Kicks Ass
Faith in Birth

From the Waddle to the Wail
Faith in Birth

Here for you, even if you Poo 
Faith in Birth

Wiping tears and easing fears, and that is just the Dad's
Faith in Birth

Knocked up, what now? Faith in Birth can tell you how

You have the power, push that human out your flower
Faith in Birth

Holding your hand in Labor Land
Faith in Birth

Faith in Birth, at your Cervix

More information for my business can be found at my website HERE

Friday, February 28, 2014

Walking the Talk

Remember the old saying "Don't talk the talk, if you can't walk the walk"? Well I have found myself doing exactly that. I talk big. I say things like:
"My children are my favorite people and I love spending time with them".
And I say "As much as possible, we do not let the Army dictate our children's young lives."
I have also been known to say "I am never alone for I have my God walking every step of the way with me". I also preach to our children that this life is made up of choices. The choices that we make help shape our lives into what we want them to be. I tell them that if you put your Faith in Christ that he will help you make the right choices and the outcome is a direct result of the choices made.

My little family has been planning a big trip across this great country of ours. Round trip from KS to CA to OR. We are taking the RV that I choose on a trip that I planned. We are taking the dogs that I choose. We are packing the things on a list that I made. The one thing that I did not choose is that my soldier would be deploying at the same time I had chosen for us to leave on our great adventure.

So now what?

I have put my life in Christ's hands and made choices that have lead me to be married to a man that I am even humbled to know. A man that treats me like a gift that was given to him. I have accepted the choice and the blessing to have four amazing children. I have lived in a manner that has attracted people to me and that choose to be my friends, Army family, and family.

It is time to walk the walk. I choose to put my Faith and sanity in God's hands, load my blessings and dogs into that house on wheels, wave farewell to my soldier and hit the gas!

I choose adventure!

I choose to believe that my children really are people worth spending time with. And that even something as silly as a road trip can strengthen the bonds that we have with friends we will see along the way. I choose to believe that no matter where I am, if I truly needed someone, my family and Army family would move mountains to get to me. I am also choosing to document the whole thing because this is gonna be wild.

Here is another old saying "The proof is in the pudding".
I am about to take a walk in some 'deeep' pudding.

So the best laid plans, right? Once again I am humbled by my Lord. Days before our big adventure we found out that my soldier was not being deployed but placed in a position that would have him home taking care of soldiers. We remain humbled. Other soldiers in our unit that have separated from their families during this time are in our daily prayers.
As for our trip...let's just say, stay tuned!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Tank Gunnery Lullaby

Tank Gunnery Lullaby
by Faith Bomar

Feel the house shake
The rumble that you hear
It warms my heart because he feels near

It is a reminder of what he does for us all
He is part of the few that have answered the call

Don’t pay any mind to this Tankers wife
I may look alone but I am his for life

The only thing he loves more then that boom
Are God, country and the fruit of my womb

I tuck in our brats with a kiss and a prayer
They fall asleep to the resound in the air

The rapid fire of a 50 cal
May startle a few as it is heard for miles

To me it serves as a memory so sweet
The times when his lips speed up my heartbeat

May his tracks ride smooth and his aim be true
So the days he’s away can number a few

Boots caked in mud, bags filthy with dirt
The sweet stench of diesel will come from his shirt

His face will crease into a smile
He will give me that look of “it’s been awhile”