Wednesday, September 2, 2009

CAUTION Jogging while fat

One is never as conscious of ones back side as when they are attempting to run and with every step can feel the violent rise and fall of ones bottom end! That is my quote of the day. Jogging this morning I felt as if I was chasing my former self (the smaller version). Slender Faith would run circles around this Faith. Today she seems pretty far away. So back to the jogging, I feel like I am really hauling and then this woman just causally walks by me. I guess I was not pushing the speed I thought I was. Yea I wanted to trip her, no I did not!
The pounds I am working off this week are dedicated to my friend Audry Ayers! I took one look at her and knew I wanted to be her friend! She is an amazing mother and has this wonderful ability to keep things real. Audry takes on life with humor and grace. Gods light shines thru this women, thanks girl for your support! This mornings rise and fall was for you!


  1. Hilarious! You go girl!! - - - love your profile too! You should write one for me - I have yet to tell people who I am - a year later!!

  2. Well done, Faith!!!!!

    (Isn't Audrey amazing? She inspires me too!)

  3. A friend of mine told us the story the other day about walking across the yard and she felt like someone was behind her because she kept feeling something on the back of her leg...she turned around and it was her bum.

  4. I always say that "rise and fall" you are talking about feels like the fat is trying to rip off my body. Hoping it will succeed one day!!!