Monday, September 21, 2009

Where's the urge?

The only reason I pee during the day is because of that annoying urge... This got me thinking about other things that I would like to be reminded to do. The number one thing would be to take better care of myself. Wheres the annoying urge that reminds me to eat right or slow down and take deep breaths. Somewhere along this journey of motherhood things declined in the personal hygiene department. I believe it was a gradual occurrence. If it had been a switch I would have shot myself long ago. Right when I realized "clean" had became an accomplishment not a necessity!
Other little steps as well, like I stopped wearing earrings after the first time they got tugged on by a curious toddler. My q-tips went from cleaning ears to watercolor brushes. I stopped looking in the mirror for fear of what or who was looking back. What I saw was a fat, tired, greasy haired woman with leg hair so long you could french braid it and heals so cracked, to julian an zucchini in a pinch would be easy!
Make-up became a joke for lack of time, plus my daughter got into what was left and made a "cake" with everything that would open and stirred the "batter" into my $30 compact.
Before kids lounge wear was for just that lounging, at some point it became my uniform and instead of changing to leave the house I would just see what I could wipe off with a baby wipe and if it was dry, flacking it off with my fingernail was perfectly acceptable. Where the hell was the urge to stop that madness. My healthy living journey is waking me up to so many things. I am now feeling the urge to paint my nails and pick up the lipstick not the chap-stick. Starting with one thing is leading to others. Who knows by the time I have meet my goal I may even pass for a Lady! But don't hold your breath.....