Monday, October 19, 2009

Clinch and Release

The lack of timely update has been due to a lack of time... I have been amazingly busy and there fore have not lost any more weight which started a chain reaction to not want to post without real progress. Well that ended up being a terrible plan as many of you began to bug the crap out of me. It is also not how this is going to work. It was unrealistic for me to think that every time I came to blog I would have some amazing results to share. So I sit here with my tail tucked between my legs. To say that I have not lost an ounce from the last post, but I have not gained either!
Being so very busy got me thinking that there must be ways to burn calories other then the conventual workout.
I remembered once that a skinny lady told me her secret was that while driving she would clinch and release her butt muscles at stop lights. So I gave it try. I came to a few conclusions, one was we seem to have a real shortage of stoplights around here and two the hoping motion that is a result of the clinch and release gets you very odd looks from folks in the cars next to you. I sure wonder what they were thinking I was doing..
So I moved on to the next tip.. Crunches from the couch. During commercial breaks I tightened what is left of my abs after 3 babies and curled into a crunch. After 2 commercial breaks I pulled something in my side and gave up. I am the only person I know that could hurt them selves with their ass planted on the couch.
Tip number 3 had me laughing out loud.. Visualize yourself thin... Well part of my problem is the fact that I have never visualized my self as anything else. If only you all could see me through my eyes. Self confidence has never been a problem for me. As it turns out maybe if I had actually seen myself through someone else's eyes, I may have started this journey a while ago. I just always figured every body thought I was a hott as I thought I was. Then I would catch a view of myself from behind and feel sorry for that gal. Realizing the reflection was my behind leads me to right here.
I once tried to visualize myself into labor and all I got was 2 hard contractions and one good fart. This tip was obviously not going to work for me.
As of this morning I am back at the track sweating into my freshly clinched and released butt.
Thanks for all the support folks, this week I am focused on reaching lb 14! This lb belongs to my dear cousin Meredith! Her quiet strength is my inspiration! And her laugh is enough to carry anyone through the toughest of times!