Thursday, February 18, 2010

What happens in Vegas...

Six weeks from tonight I will be dancing the night away with my handsome hubby and many of our army family and friends!

So I have challenged my self to a challenge! And myself accepted! I want to be 10 lbs lighter by the Regimental Spring Formal on March 31st! The ball is at the Flamingo in Las Vegas, so pretty much a good time is guaranteed!

My focus will be on cardio to burn fat and weights to tone (I say tone but that in-tells you can see my muscles, they however seem to be playing a wicked game of hide and seek right now, and winning) my upper arms. I figure work on the parts that will show in a dress and the rest I will just tether with wire and spandex. I used duct tape once but that leaves welts and comes un-stuck at the most inopportune times.

My other motivation for this crash course is that the 31st is also my hubby's birthday!
I will be updating every Wed, so check back in next week to see if I am just over tired and take this all back or if this really works!

Monday, February 15, 2010

"Oh Snap"

I have a little assignment for you. Try for one day not to compare yourself in anyway to anyone else. It proved to be a lot harder for me then I thought. We as humans are always putting ourselves up against others to see how we stack up! I don't know when this begins, or maybe we can just chock it up to human nature. Seems pretty silly if you really think about it. Only because we already know that God made each of us different in every way. How boring it would be if we all looked exactly the same. Although it would be easier to see how far we may have drifted from what we are supposed to look like. But even knowing this we have made a habit out of comparing ourselves to others. I guess it did not help that when I was growing up my Mom would point out a women from behind and ask "I am not that big right?" Now I ask my hubby the same thing.
I found myself recently comparing with a blonde haired celebrity. Like we would even be in the same category, if thrown into buckets. Some other male celebrity said that this gal was "sexual napalm". Now I know that part of me was supposed to be all pissed off that he was kissing and telling, but all I could focus on was how blown away I was at the thought that someone could be "sexual napalm". How do you even meet the criteria for such a thing? What do you have to be doing behind closed doors to be compared to explosives? In my past life I would like to believe I may have lit a few matches, at the very least.
At my current plus size my hottness category can only be compared to trying to light a fire by violently rubbing two wet sticks together.
So a new goal has been set! By the time I have reached my goal weight I plan on being at the very least one of those fire crackers we used to have as a kid, the ones wrapped in white paper you throw at the ground and they "snap"! I am calling this the Snap Factor!
Feel free to use this for yourself...your welcome!

Status Check

Well here I am with 6 months down on my journey to fitness town! And the stats go:
Lbs lost: 20
Inches lost: 15
Dress size down: 1

I am proud of what I have been able to do buttttt and its a big butt, I have this sinking feeling that I could be so much farther along. That is in no way a pity party, your support is amazing. It is just a feeling of drive that I plan on tapping into to continue along this path!
Anyone who has attempted to lose weight may have noticed, like I have, that it sucks. OK that is not what I set out to type, it just happened. What I was gonna say is that it is amazingly lonely. I am not the best at being alone, never have been. A lot of this process is me having to spend time with just me. Now don't get me wrong, I am wonderful company, just ask me. But misery loves company. So remember all of you that promised to gift me lbs right back, well I am cashing in! And you will be glad to know that I kept a list! Here in no particular order are the folks that were so encouraged by my leap of faith that they wanted to join right in!
Christina Bomar
Amy Thompson
Tom Franklin
Sue Crain
Kimberly Montgomery
Matthea Perlman

Some of you may have fallen thru the cracks. You know who you are. I fully expect each of you to begin reporting in ASAP! Good luck dear friends!
Just a little "your welcome" to Lisa-18 and 19 and Gayle-20! I am a healthier person because you were there for me! Gayle it is an honor to have you as my friend. I am amazed at what a great Mom you are! Hey Kimberly I am coming for ya!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

So what have you been doing lately?

And it begins:

slide tiny-but-mighty feet from lower back
put large-and-untamed feet to floor
wake big girls-dress, feed, hair, hug, kiss, wave
curl up next to warm precious sleeping baby
close eyes
closed eye poked by wide-eyed very awake baby- ouch
wipe a butt
wash hands
wipe a face
wash hands
wipe a wall, toilet, mirror
wash hands
console a friend
consult a friend
find cold mug of coffee-reheat
dust, vacuum, laundry to dryer
rock a baby (while rocking- doorbell, phone call)
pat the dog
wash hands
dance with baby-laugh
make a meal
clean up from meal
wash hands
sit on toilet-out of TP
hang head-consider using sock from floor
shake it off-move on
wash hands
take dirty sock to laundry
start dryer that was never started
find cold mug of coffee-reheat
make a meal
clean up from meal
pry open freakishly strong little fingers-remove choking hazard repeat all day
wipe a butt
wash hands
sit at computer-according to FB I belong in the 30's era
turn away kids asking for money at door
send out mine to sell Girl Scout cookies
break up a fight
pull baby from pantry-take raw potato from her mouth
make a bottle
find cold mug of coffee-give up
considered exercising while folding laundry-tighten abs 4 times- got a snack

found this list laying around (had forgotten about it) laugh, think its a cute idea, start again

chase laughing baby down sidewalk-realizing only then, not wearing bra
wiggle loose tooth
wash hands
flash cards
fall victim to walk-by groping from tall, dark and handsome-blush
make a meal
leave the mess
plan a meeting
plan a meal
plan a trip
run an errand-realize I left house not wearing shoes but house slippers-convince self I can pull it off
bath all babies-lotion, hair, teeth
wash hands
prayers- convince big girl she does not have to go to heaven but it would be nice to see her there (long story)
get baby from off dining table
wipe a butt
wash hands
sit next to tall, dark and handsome
begin again.....