Tuesday, February 2, 2010

So what have you been doing lately?

And it begins:

slide tiny-but-mighty feet from lower back
put large-and-untamed feet to floor
wake big girls-dress, feed, hair, hug, kiss, wave
curl up next to warm precious sleeping baby
close eyes
closed eye poked by wide-eyed very awake baby- ouch
wipe a butt
wash hands
wipe a face
wash hands
wipe a wall, toilet, mirror
wash hands
console a friend
consult a friend
find cold mug of coffee-reheat
dust, vacuum, laundry to dryer
rock a baby (while rocking- doorbell, phone call)
pat the dog
wash hands
dance with baby-laugh
make a meal
clean up from meal
wash hands
sit on toilet-out of TP
hang head-consider using sock from floor
shake it off-move on
wash hands
take dirty sock to laundry
start dryer that was never started
find cold mug of coffee-reheat
make a meal
clean up from meal
pry open freakishly strong little fingers-remove choking hazard repeat all day
wipe a butt
wash hands
sit at computer-according to FB I belong in the 30's era
turn away kids asking for money at door
send out mine to sell Girl Scout cookies
break up a fight
pull baby from pantry-take raw potato from her mouth
make a bottle
find cold mug of coffee-give up
considered exercising while folding laundry-tighten abs 4 times- got a snack

found this list laying around (had forgotten about it) laugh, think its a cute idea, start again

chase laughing baby down sidewalk-realizing only then, not wearing bra
wiggle loose tooth
wash hands
flash cards
fall victim to walk-by groping from tall, dark and handsome-blush
make a meal
leave the mess
plan a meeting
plan a meal
plan a trip
run an errand-realize I left house not wearing shoes but house slippers-convince self I can pull it off
bath all babies-lotion, hair, teeth
wash hands
prayers- convince big girl she does not have to go to heaven but it would be nice to see her there (long story)
get baby from off dining table
wipe a butt
wash hands
sit next to tall, dark and handsome
begin again.....


  1. you are too funny my friend! Love the list! Miss those girls of yours. The kids saw a little cutie that looked like Hazel the other day and they were convinced it was her - - they were ready to attack her with hugs - - - it took a while to convince them that it was not her! guess we all miss you all!!!

  2. What a great list!!! I agree with HM (above) - you are so funny!

  3. I do so enjoy the privilege of touching base with you on the phone during this amazing process! The sound effects alone, are worth the price of admission!