Monday, February 15, 2010

Status Check

Well here I am with 6 months down on my journey to fitness town! And the stats go:
Lbs lost: 20
Inches lost: 15
Dress size down: 1

I am proud of what I have been able to do buttttt and its a big butt, I have this sinking feeling that I could be so much farther along. That is in no way a pity party, your support is amazing. It is just a feeling of drive that I plan on tapping into to continue along this path!
Anyone who has attempted to lose weight may have noticed, like I have, that it sucks. OK that is not what I set out to type, it just happened. What I was gonna say is that it is amazingly lonely. I am not the best at being alone, never have been. A lot of this process is me having to spend time with just me. Now don't get me wrong, I am wonderful company, just ask me. But misery loves company. So remember all of you that promised to gift me lbs right back, well I am cashing in! And you will be glad to know that I kept a list! Here in no particular order are the folks that were so encouraged by my leap of faith that they wanted to join right in!
Christina Bomar
Amy Thompson
Tom Franklin
Sue Crain
Kimberly Montgomery
Matthea Perlman

Some of you may have fallen thru the cracks. You know who you are. I fully expect each of you to begin reporting in ASAP! Good luck dear friends!
Just a little "your welcome" to Lisa-18 and 19 and Gayle-20! I am a healthier person because you were there for me! Gayle it is an honor to have you as my friend. I am amazed at what a great Mom you are! Hey Kimberly I am coming for ya!!


  1. Since you called me out...I have been working on it but not as dedicated as you have been. I think I have probably lost at least five pounds since you started this...I can't even remember when or how much I weighed then. But I have actually probably lost five pounds since my birthday...when you were here!!! I better get on it..i have to be a "hot" bride. But who's definition of "hot" am I going for? :)

  2. I lost 10 lbs! And gained it all back!! Ahhh, I love cookies, what can I say. I officially got back in the saddle on Saturday, so I will check in soon :-) You're doing awesome chickie!

  3. 20 pounds is fantastic! Congratulations on that monumental accomplishment - keep up the good work. Love you! Alicia