Thursday, February 18, 2010

What happens in Vegas...

Six weeks from tonight I will be dancing the night away with my handsome hubby and many of our army family and friends!

So I have challenged my self to a challenge! And myself accepted! I want to be 10 lbs lighter by the Regimental Spring Formal on March 31st! The ball is at the Flamingo in Las Vegas, so pretty much a good time is guaranteed!

My focus will be on cardio to burn fat and weights to tone (I say tone but that in-tells you can see my muscles, they however seem to be playing a wicked game of hide and seek right now, and winning) my upper arms. I figure work on the parts that will show in a dress and the rest I will just tether with wire and spandex. I used duct tape once but that leaves welts and comes un-stuck at the most inopportune times.

My other motivation for this crash course is that the 31st is also my hubby's birthday!
I will be updating every Wed, so check back in next week to see if I am just over tired and take this all back or if this really works!


  1. 10 pounds by the 31st, you can do that no problem! I'm pulling for you! Love ya cousin...

  2. You can definately do that! I went on a crash start up again to get ready for a cruise I am going on this weekend - it has been about 3 weeks and although I have yet to step on a scale (i hate hate hate scales!) I have seen a difference for sure by putting on my jeans and noticing that I don't have to dance around and bend a bunch to stretch them to get them on first thing out of the dryer anymore :-) I decided to start with a week of just cardio - nothing worse than getting all excited to workout and then do your first workout with cardio and weights and then not be able to move for a week. So, I did a week of cardio and then did a lower body day and upper body day, a rest day, repeat. The hardest part is the food for me - once I started watching what I ate though and cutting out the white stuff (again) and the sodas, the cravings went away and it has been much easier to handle. The most important thing I have learned is eating the right breakfast - I've always known it's important, yadda yadda yadda, however, eating a good protein filled breakfast keeps you full and has really helped me not pig out at lunch time! Eating a bowl of cheerios, just doesn't do it for me - I'm starving a couple hours later and then gorge at lunch! Yummy eggs with some veggies, ham, avocado - and they say avocado helps melt belly fat since it's a MUFA and I can take all the belly fat help I can get!! You will do great, just don't get discouraged and don't neglect yourself in your eating and training - use a salad plate instead of a dinner plate and eat what you feed your kids - that's my best trick since I feed them so great and always have their plates full of good stuff - doesn't help when they have a nutrious lunch with good protein and carbs and lots of colorful fruits and vegis and i'm sitting on the couch with nutter butters.... Can't wait to see you in your sexy new dress!!!

  3. Cousin thanks for the support!
    Sue-Man you have some great advice in there! I know that in my head I "know" this stuff but it is amazing how overwhelming it can be and then I forget to do things like eat protein at breakfast. And I wonder why I could put back a whole stuffed pig at lunch time! I am proud you have gotten back on the fitness wagon. You always look so great but as you said it is about how you feel! I am off to scramble an egg with veggies and think healthy thoughts!

  4. Hey Faith!
    If you have time while you are in Vegas, give me a call and maybe you and Lane, Dave and I can get together!

    And 10 pounds is definitely doable by fact, I plan on getting rid of 10 more myself by then. In fact, my goal is to rid myself of 100 pounds in 2010! So far, I am 15 pounds lighter and working out 3-4 days a week.

    Keep up the hard work and you will get the big pay-off!

    Love ya,