Saturday, June 26, 2010

Shoo' Fly

So I have been encouraged by family and friends to start writing about my everyday life in addition to this health journey. I had a hard time listening until folks other then my Mom brought it up. Things I say are always the funniest to my Mom but then I wonder if everyone else is just lying.
This got me thinking about what happenings in my life are "blog worthy". I began to look deeper into this by exploring the blog world. Along the way I discovered some amazing sites that I will now go to regularly but I also found blogs on the most boring subjects in life, like bird watching, and golf. If those folks can get away with that yawn-fest my blogs are gonna read like a trip to the circus!
Where to begin is now the question how about a funny kid story... My six year old daughter, lets call her "Larry", and my 4 year old daughter, lets call her "Curly" were taking turns painting each others faces one after noon. They begged and begged me to participate so I stopped helping homeless people, because that is of course what you can catch me doing any day of the week and sat down for a little cheek art! Wanting to spare her feelings at not being so great with a paint brush I asked her to make a small green frog. Much to long later I sweetly as I could "so when are we gonna be done here kid?". She replied "in just a minute I am almost done with the barbell." Yes that caught my attention as well. As soon as she said done I ran to the mirror and found on my cheek what she called "A red eyed tree frog lifting a barbell"!!!!
Now that has to be "blog worthy"!
But what about other things that happen to me? The other day while sitting upon the porcelain thrown, contemplating world peace a fly came and landing right in the seat of my under-drawers. That has got to be one of the weirdest things to ever happen to me but is that something to write about? I guess so.....
How about the little test I put my husband thru last month. You see it all started when a friend of mine husband noticed that I changed my hair a little. This of course prompted questions to my own husband about why he did not say anything. He just claimed that he really did not notice. There seem to be 2 kinds of people in this world, people who notice and the ones that don't. So began my challenge to see just what it would take to get my husband to notice things about me. This last month we only had 4 days to spend together as a family because my main man is in the military and lives in KS right now. We made the most of those 4 days and spent every minute together! And let me tell you how bad this guy failed my test. He did not even make a cross eyed face at me. The whole weekend I had one leg shaved clean and smooth and the other as hairy as our primate cousins! Stay tuned for other interesting and some not so interesting things going on when your Living by Faith!

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  1. That is some very creative face painting.

    I'm dying that L. didn't notice the different legs!