Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Thats a lie

I lie to my self all the time. Some lies I have come to terms with, for example, I know how often I really floss and if you asked me outright to my face I would lie to you. Why would I tell you the truth if I am already comfortable with lying to me. The one lie I am having a hard time coming to terms with is that I told myself at the beginning of this "healthy living" journey that I was not going to let "anything" get in the way of putting myself first and pursuing being the best I could be from the inside out. Well yeah right, if you see the date of the last post you can guess just how well that has worked out so far. Life, folks has come in between me and my goals. My fitness routine has come to a crawl so slow you have to close one eye to see if its really moving.
Ok confession time... so this great idea of doing a favor to those that love me and losing lbs for them(see very first post on blog) has really been wonderful but how do I go back and explain if I gained some of those very same lbs right back? Hypothetically of course... Is that some kind of reverse favor like when you lend something to someone and then ask for it back before they have a chance to use it. I dont know, I am just saying. Although I was trying to figure this problem out a few weeks ago. But then we bought a house, moved across the state, got the stomach flu, had a family member with health issues and my husband moved to KS to train to deploy to Iraq, putting me in charge of EVERYTHING!. You would not believe how fast the lbs come sliding off when you make a big pot of stress stew! I have been feasting for weeks and am now right back where I left off when I was working out everyday! Folks don't try this at home. This amount of stress is being done on a closed course and preformed by professionals.
So where to go from here, back to the basics. I have 3 amazing daughters that I not only want to set the example for but that need me to "step up" now more then ever. Summers in the Valley where we live are the best! Full of recreational opportunities like biking, swimming, horse riding and hiking. Ok you got me, I was lying about the hiking, I have no intention of deliberately hiking. If I happen to be lets say.. be in the mountains with the proper foot wear, water, sunscreen, survival kit, first aid kit and healthy snacks, then I will go hiking. But all that has to just happen, like hiking fate.

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  1. Yay! So happy to get an update!!! Hang in there Momma, I think you are doing a fantastic job - - and somehow you can keep your sense of humor through it all!! Miss you my friend!