Thursday, July 1, 2010


We have to much "stuff"! I have to much stuff the kids have waaaay to much stuff and Mr. LbF has weeelll, ok I have way to much stuff. But how on earth does one pair down? I feel like I am throwing stuff out all the time and when I say throw out I do mean mostly recycle. I seem to have a bit of a RRR fetish. Any time I get to reduce, reuse, recycle I get a little to excited!
We go rid of van loads before we moved and have a giant yard sale pile in the garage already. One of the nice things about moving all the time is if someone gave you something when you were neighbors and then one of you moves you have a small grace period and then you can send it to the thrift store. And you no longer risk the embarrassment of them seeing it ,buying it again and bringing it back to your door step! Not that I could ever do that... I cherish everything I have ever been gifted. So where to begin on the pair down? I read this advice in a magazine and have decided to give it a try! Make categories for stuff to fit in and if it does not fit in any category, off on the RRR roller coaster it goes!
Here are my categories:
1. We use it everyday
2. Can they/I still fit in it
3. Does it make me a better person
4. Can I regift it
5. Will it fit in the next house
6. Does someone I know need it or will they soon
7. Does it make me look thin
8. Do I need it to prove innocence/guilt
9. Will my kids want it to remember what a great Mom I am
10. Does it really belong to someone else and 3 years later I still need to return it
11. Will it save the day in a holiday or picnic situation
12. Will someone ask me if I have one so they can borrow it
13. Will the IRS want to see it someday
14. Is it gaining value, by hanging on to it and will it put my kids thru college because a collector will come knocking on my door asking to pay big bucks for it
15. Did I talk Mr. LbF into buying it even though it was over priced in the first place
16. Did Mr. LbF give it to me thinking I would love it
17. Did one of my kids make it for me and may see it in the trash, then I have to play the "oh no baby I have no idea how that got in there, I am so glad you found it"
18. Is it to embarrassing to risk the trash man seeing it in my can

Ok folks if you can think of one thing that I may have that does not fit in any of my categories I will send it to your house!

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