Sunday, January 16, 2011

Dip no chips....

Next time your at my house stay far away from the Ranch dressing in the squeeze bottle on the 3rd shelf down on the door in the fridge. Story behind this of course has to do with my 2 year old, Moe. I got up from the dinner table to clear my place and turned around just in time to see her standing on her chair in just a diaper (not important to the story just for the visual). She had crawled across the table swiped the dressing and had it up to her face squeezing the bottle with her freakishly strong tiny hands, sucking the white sauce into her beak. Every time she let loose her mighty grip the plastic popped and the reverse suction came into play, siphoning a drool concoction back into the milky bottle. I dashed over as quick as I could snatching the bottle. After sitting her down I cleared her place as well and put the bottle safely away in the fridge. Hence the fair warning at the start of the story. Have a great day!

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