Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Rainbow

While driving along with the Stooges in tow, I pointed out a beautiful rainbow that was painted across the afternoon sky. Feeling sentimental I asked my crew if they know what the rainbow represented. Larry answered "something about God, right?". This of course sent me into a 20 minute monologue of the story from the Bible of Noah and the Ark. This being one of my favorite stories I went into great detail of how I pictured the animals 2 by 2 all living peacefully together. There was only one moment where I lost my zen, and it had to do with a question of what was done with all the poop there must of been. Skipping over this as fast as I could with some spur of the moment answer that involved a drop hatch. I concluded by pointing at the rainbow and repeating "Gods promise". It was freaking beautiful.
Fast forward to today. Larry age 7 was reading our children's picture Bible and came upon the story of Noah. She was joined by her sisters and curled up by my chair so I could read it aloud to them. In this simple explanation of the story it reads that "the people of Gods earth did not know about him and had grown selfish and evil, they fought and did bad things to one another". When the story was finished Curly age 5 stood up and said "Mommy there is this girl at my school that does bad things and is mean to me, I think she needs to get flooded!"

On to the stories regarding forgiveness....

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  1. Oh my goodness how cute/hilarious. Did you just die laughing!? I would have!