Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Three Down

My daughter, Curly, age 5 says to me today "Mom, I'm pretty sure I like you more then anybody".
And you know what? It was the nicest thing that anybody has said to me in a while. Tugged my heart and made me laugh! My girls have that ability, to knock me off my high horse and bring be back to reality. For the past few months I have been in "survival mode". Mr. LbF is off in the desert "enjoying" an all-expense-paid year long excursion to Iraq. Also know as deployment, also know as the time when everything that can go wrong, will go wrong. Writing a blog has just not been in the cards. But one way or another I am back in the saddle and excited to be writing this!
Let's go over the list of what has gone wrong so far just to give those that have no clue what goes on, a clue and for the {if I'm not laughing I'm crying} factor.
I have had a dog need surgery, a child need an MRI, the basement leak in 2 different places, a truck that would not start, Larry had strep, Curly threw up and Moe managed to get a temp of 104.8! Throw in 5 dentist/Dr appt, 2 parades, 13 overnight guests and a partridge in a pear tree. No really! I set up 8 trees for Christmas, there had to be a partridge in there somewhere. Have I mentioned yet that hubby has only been gone for 3 months?
Let me go on record now as saying that I had NO idea what I was getting myself into when I married a soldier! Oh I thought I had it all figured out. I pictured myself swelling with pride as I watched my hero marching in step with his fellow Army men, all dressed and pressed in crisp green uniforms, under the flag blowing in the breeze, just as a bald eagle flew over, screeching in delight. Reality is not as romantic of course. Because in that fantasy what I naively did not think about is when he goes marching off in step, that he is marching away from me.
This being our second deployment the "sting" is not as bad. At the 3 month mark before, I think I was still in shock. Throw in a little postpartum depression and Mama was a whack job.
Pre-planning for success seems to be really paying off. We made the decision to move the stooges and I back "home" for this one. There was no way to prepare for the adventure of that. I seem to have been gone just long enough to not remember anyone. Picture me at the grocery store, I am mostly minding my own business standing next to the rice-a-roni. I make eye contact with the person pushing a cart in my direction. We both smile and that is when it hits me, do I know this person? How do I know this person? Have I just seen their face so many times over the course of growing up that I feel like I know them? Were we old chums and shared a deep meaningful moment that only they remember? Did I date their brother or cousin? Have they seen me naked? It would really help if everyone where I grew up weren't so damn friendly. I have to be nice to everyone, it is exhausting.
It's fun seeing the folks that I do remember that are all grown up. You would not believe the people that have hooked up that would not have looked twice at each other in high school! That really does happen. Plus they all seem to take themselves so seriously. The older I get the more I know, I know nothing. Ok enough gossip, it only gets me into trouble. Last time I got into trouble is when someone introduced me to this very nice lady and then they told me who she was married to. I did one of those try- to-hold-it-in laughs, it came out more of a snort and I spit a little. Needless to say she has not responded to my FB friend request.
Not being with my "battle buddy" army wives is my one and only true complaint! However we have had a humbling out pouring of support that I just never saw coming. This small community has wrapped her arms around my little family and seems to be there to help before I even know what to ask for. From the schools, to the girl scouts, to neighbors and strangers on the street, this amazing place I get to call home has a vested interest in the well being of me and my family.
My friend Callie says she breaks deployments up into blocks of 3 months at a time! That makes this a milestone!
So my goals for the next block is to continue to smile at everyone, take joy in my children, be proud of my husband no matter where he is marching and write every chance I get!


  1. Another great blog post! And to think I fell in love with you while you were a "whack job!" Not romantically, of course, that would just be weird. So congrats on having a quarter of the deployment gone!

  2. Love it! You are a NATURAL :-)