Friday, April 1, 2011

Batter's Up

The already receding standards in my home are falling faster then my personal hygiene.
I knew that the beginning of this pregnancy was going to be a challenge but it was one I thought I was better prepared for. Why I thought that is beyond me at this point.
I am so far behind the power curve I can say with out a doubt that our 2 year old Moe is running this place. I start out the day the same place I finish it. On my giant comfy couch. We have watched more Mickey Mouse Clubhouse then any adult should. Signs I know I am losing: with the one eye I could get open I saw Moe scurrying from the kitchen caring 2 snack zip lock bags filled with water. I did not get up. Another day she came walking in to the living room greased up like the prize winning hog at the county fair. This qualified getting up to investigate. I picked her up and licked her belly to determine the glaze. It was butter. Puzzled at how she could possibly have reached the butter dish on top of the bread box, I went to the kitchen. That little twit had fashioned a ramp to the counter top using a sofa cushion from the family room and the baby gate I had set up to keep her contained. I have said it before, she is small, mighty, and organized. And there for, can't be trusted.

Spring fever has hit our house. My sweet girls have traded in their ballet slippers for base ball cleats. This being our family's first organized sport, I knew we were in for a few laughs. I was proud to have made a trip to the store and purchased gear for Larry and Curly. Their cleats matched their gloves which matched the pink bat! If it turned out they had no sports talent at all at least they were gonna go down looking good! They were so surprised and excited up in till I caught Curly trying to shove her glove on her right hand. I am up for Mother of the Year on this one, Curly is left handed and no I did not get a left handed glove. Poor thing put on the glove and was throwing the ball from inside the glove. Looked kind of like someone throwing a shot-put while wearing a pink and white mitt.
First practice did not fail to delight. Curly is fast, I mean really fast. She lead the pack on the teams first attempt to run the bases. She flew to first base and grinned as the rest of the pack caught up and joined her. Then the coach yelled for them to run to second base. Curly took off like a bolt of pink lighting. She ran right out toward the back fence of the field, at that moment it was pretty obvious she had no idea where second base was. But let me tell ya, that did not slow her down one bit. You know what, none of the other kids knew either, because as she took off so did 8 other energetic bodies following close at her heals. It was a really long half mooned run to second base. The coach stood at third with her hand in the air to guide the pack in after that.
Larry surprised me. She has taken to baseball like a fish to water. She even wore her team hat to bed the first night. Team pictures are this Sat and I will be sure to post them! Larry did say she wanted to get a picture of herself on a coffee mug. I told her that was taking it a bit far.

Things covered in poop before I could finish this blog post:
Moe neck to knees
babywipe container
my shirt
my hands
hallway floor
bathroom floor

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