Monday, May 9, 2011

Sixth Sense

As a kid when my Mom would ask me "Don't you see what needs to be done?" Only now after becoming a Mother do I know exactly what she was talking about. At the time, when I told her no, I really was telling the truth. I did not have the super power of walking into a room of our house and spotting right away the rubber lizard sticking out from under a couch cushion, the suspicious looking substance staining the floor board behind the chair or the fact that someone had stepped on a mandarin orange on the carpet and left it for dead. It is a sixth sense that women began to grow in pregnancy. Some people have us fooled and have tried to name it "the nesting stage" but I am here to inform you that it is actually the beginning stages of the sense that should now be know as the "You have got to be freaking kidding me" sense. I have named it this because that is what you will find yourself saying when you walk into a room that your kids have just left. Even now as I sit in my living room I have been forced to turn out all the lights, trying to fool my YHGTBFKM sense into thinking that I am in a wonderfully clean room and that nothing needs to be done before I finish this blog and go to bed.
One big thing to note is that most Men are immune to this sense and even after you have pointed out what you can see needs to be done they may still need you to write it down. I am a list maker. Everything from the normal stuff like groceries and todo's to pros and cons of everyday decisions. But when I make a list for Mr. LbF he thinks that the things on the list are the only things that need to be done..... ever. This is just another good reason for the name of the sense.

On this Mothers Day I want to thank my Mother for not only always seeing what needed to be done but when she did, for doing something about it. I love you Nona!

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