Sunday, July 3, 2011

A breast post

My girls love to snuggle with me but instead of looking forward to this I find myself bracing for the inevitable elbow to the jaw. They all pile on top of me in what seems like a contest to see who can re-enter the womb first through my armpit or belly button.  Today I was again at the bottom of my giggly pack of gals. There are soft loving moments in between the moments of my left nipple being plastered into my hipbone. Larry who is all elbows and knees right now, wants to snuggle less and less, so anytime she is willing I pad my vitals with couch cushions and put on a welcoming smile.  As my growing belly becomes more of an obstacle, the girls want to include their brother into our snuggle sessions. They each spend a moment patting, poking, or cooing at a different part of my abdomen.  Moe calls to him and then patting my breast looks puzzled and asks "another brother Mommy?" This reminded me of the time I was nursing Moe and Curly sat next to me observing. Without missing a beat she pointed to my other breast and asked "does this one make apple juice?"!
Larry suggested that I swallow a small pair of pants so her brother does not have to be in there naked. Curly thought this through. She said it would not work and that I would have a hard time pooping out pants. Although if anybody could figure out how she would be the one. She announced to me yesterday "I am an evil genius". And I have no doubts about this!

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