Thursday, October 13, 2011

Date Day

So tonight in our backyard as I am holding up a soiled bed sheet and Mr. LbF is using the garden hose to spray off chunks of vomit into the grass, through pains of laughter I manage to say "This is the stuff nobody tells you about". His response "shore-don't"!

Mr. LbF has been back in my arms for 3 weeks and 5 days. But who's counting? The girls and I went to pick up Daddy in the late afternoon. We had a 2 1/2 hr drive which was just enough time for 2 of 3 to get car sick and one to spill applesauce all over her beautiful dress. When we pulled in to the parking lot Curly woke up from a nap looked around and said "This is Iraq?". We shuffled in to a packed gym and all heads were bowed in prayer. The only seats left were front row. A sea of soldiers stood respectfully, eyes closed. I pointed to the bench and we settled in. The crowd chimed "Amen" and I looked right in front of me. There as he lifted his head stood my heart. We locked eyes and mine went blurry with tears. His kind face creased into a grin and he looked not at me but into me. I later asked what he was thinking at that moment (total girl question) and he said "I fell in love with you all over again". Someone was speaking on a microphone but I could not tell you a thing they said until "dismissed". Moe had spotted her prize right away and ran through the crowd leaping into her Daddy's arms. The big girls not far behind held him where they could reach as he seem to glide to me. He put his only free arm around my neck and kissed my forehead then my lips. How he knows how to do stuff that makes the rest of the world around me disappear is a mystery I hope to never solve. We made our way home and were greeted by sweet treats and a cleaner house then I had left it. Great friends with a key to your front door is always a good thing! A giant sign the girls had made themselves read exactly "Wecome home Dady".
And then life went on, and it has been so fun and so full of love, more then any other time in my life.
I asked him just a few days in, if it was weird or wrong that we seem to just pick up where we leave off, no matter how much time has past. Him being the simple man that he is said "no baby, other folks just walking around with problems".
Not that reintegration is all fun and games all the time, we just call those times sandpaper, rubbing just a little rough. And we don't ever fight.. we have "heated marital discussions". I have to get used to having him around by changing a few habits such as talking to myself in the kitchen or picking my nose while driving. When he walks into the room without me noticing and I turn an see him and scream bloody murder, he is mostly patient with me. In turn I was patient with him when he used my carpet cleaner after the dog crapped all over. His idea was to just drag it back and forth over the pile in hopes it would disintegrate. You should have seen his heart sink when I had him turn it over and dammed if it weren't all smashed right there. He then began to explain to me how he would redesign the whole thing to be able to pick up chunks. Which brings me back to the bed sheet. So little Moe's life has gone through so much in the last month! She is completely potty trained and is going to big girl school (preschool/daycare) 2 days a week! On the days she is there Mr. LbF and I dubbed those days "date days". We start with McD's for breakfast and usually end up wondering a store like Home Depot holding hands. Real wild stuff as you can tell! This last weekend we made plans for tuesday to go to Barns and Noble so I could dig through the bargain bins and he could look through comics. I was soo looking forward to this I just knew we have been pressing our luck a little to much. On sunday night I asked him which kid he thought was going to throw up and ruin "date day". He remained optimistic. Tuesday came and he was so sick with a head cold he asked that we rain check till thursday and then he slept for 4 hours mid-day. So here we are wednesday night spraying Moe's puke off the sheet so I can put it into the washer and not have another carpet cleaner mess. We could not get over the irony of the situation. I do not have to leave the house to have a good time. I am so happy to be anywhere my husband is even in the backyard cleaning up vomit.
You see he does these things that make even the most stressful times seem not so bad. He rubs my feet after he puts on my socks because I am so pregnant I cant reach my toes. He changes the channel really fast when a scary movie trailer comes on because he knows I cant do scary.. He makes me breakfast in bed on saturday mornings and not just cereal, but stuffed omelets and french toast with butter and hot coffee.. He sits with Larry and goes over every math problem, then makes a game out of her spelling words that ends in her sitting on his back snickering as he does push-ups.. The other night after dark he and the kids had not come in from playing out side and I found him spraying 3 fully dressed giggling girls down with the hose on the front lawn.
He looks right into my eyes and says that everyday with me is an adventure and that he is loving the ride.
But this is also the stuff that nobody tells you about.....
Welcome Home Baby....


  1. oh gosh Faith, I'm so happy for you - and you make me even more SUPER excited for our own reintegration!!!!!

  2. I love this. Picking up right where we leave off just means we are really good at our job, right?