Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Beautiful Soul

We closed out 2012 in true Military Family style, we moved... again. No matter how organized you plan on being during the move, there are always those moments of not knowing, where that one thing that you need most in all the world is.
Working my way through the cardboard jungle I come up for air to eat, pee, and nurse. I am an unpacking machine and Mr. LbF knows to just slide the tray under the door and back away. The older children have learned to let me do my thing and stay far away from "scary Mommy". The little ones are still in the trial and error phase. Moe was following close behind me as I worked and making the most annoying sound with her mouth. I shot around and through gritted teeth said "what in the world are you  doing?" she responded "speaking lawnmower". There was no arguing with her, that is just what one might expect a lawnmower to sound like if found in conversation.
Our brave big girls took the news of starting a new school with grace well beyond their years. They had just finished all the holiday parties at their old school and figured they could get a few more candy canes stockpiled if they hit the last days of school on this end. Smart kids we are raising. We took them shopping for a 2nd first day of school outfit so they would go in feeling their best! I think I was more nervous then either of them. The whole family walked them into the school and waved at them in there new classrooms. Then Mr. LbF insisted we leave. My head hung low as we made our way back to the car. Low enough to notice that the black fleece coat I was wearing had been used very recently as a bed for our white cat. In the shuffle to get out the door I did not bothered to look at myself. I quickly pointed out my "crazy cat lady" attire to my husband and asked him "don't you ever look at me, why would you let me walk around like this?".  Without skipping a beat he replied "when I look at you I don't see the outside, I look into your soul". How the hell is someone supposed to respond to that. I laughed and brushed my coat leaving a white hair trail on the sidewalk.

Right before christmas we cleared out enough boxes to put up a tree and hang our stockings. The girls worried Santa would not be able to find us so I promised to send him a text before I went to bed. Christmas Day went as most do, filled with excited squeals and near ER visits. Shemp got into the left over peanut butter Santa cookies and broke out in hives from head to toe. Took Mr. LbF over and hour to find an open store with children's benadryl. The medicine box being the one thing we needed most in all the world and of course the one box I had not found to unpacked yet.

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