Sunday, February 17, 2013

Lunch Out

Adding up the time I have spent as an all day Baby buffet is alarming, over 3 years! As a direct result from this I can fold one breast in half like a giant pita bread. Slap on some tzatziki, shaved meat off a spicket and you have lunch! I mentioned this to Mr. LbF and he said "I could go for some greek."

I had the profound privilege to nurse all four of my children. Not for one second will I take for granted what a blessing that really is.
Last week I nursed my child for the last time. Even typing this statement my emotions are torn in 100 directions. There are feelings of release and freedom. And then overwhelming sorrow as if I am mourning the loss of a friend. Nursing and I had a love/hate relationship. Bonding with my sweet babies while we snuggled in the wee hours are some of my fondest memories. On the flip side I am no stranger to dealing with emergency room visits while suffering from mastitis, 6 different times. I secretly loved "having" to take time outs during my busy days, forced to sit quietly, breath deep and take my top off.

I walk away from my "Noonie" years feeling accomplished no matter my nursing battles. In the first few weeks of nursing when I would bleed because my baby ate every hour. To when they were a little older and I began to resent them for needing me so much. I am looking back now, thinking what else could have possibly been more important.

I am so YEA BOOB that I helped run a breastfeeding support group. I have held perfect strangers tits in my hand. This rewarding endeavor was also a humbling one. For not everyone is successful at breastfeeding, even with my magical fingers demonstrating the "pinch method".

I got real good at multi-tasking and could do such feats as change their diaper on my lap, get their older sibling dressed, or make a meatloaf at the same time as they nursed. I would use a sling and nurse while wandering a flea market. By the time I was nursing the second child I could sit next to the rear -facing car seat and whip it out on the road. We referred to this as Go-Go-Gadget Titty.

My bountiful bosom has quite the passport too. Planes, trains and automobiles. I have nursed at the Eiffel tower and the Louvre museum in Paris France. They have suckled in the south, on horse and buggy, a Nascar race, one MLB and two NFL games. Church pews, bar stools and plenty of Army pomp and circumstance. I pumped in Poland and fed in Frankfurt!

As I come out from under my Hooter Hider, we will retire my nursing bra number.  No need for a speech or bright blue ribbons. However lunch with Mr. LbF sounds grand!

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  1. I can totally see you holding some type of retirement ceremony for your nursing bras :) And yeah for Mr LbF - now they are all his!!!

    1. I am totally down for a ceremony, and one friend even suggested burning the bras. However they are so huge we would need a really big field so we do not burn down the house! Thanks for you comment Lady!

  2. Replies
    1. Oh Pary Moppins, what a wonderful word to describe it "liberation". Thank you for your comment!