Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Side show Curly

Curly looked up at me with big eyes as I cut off her hospital bracelet. I had let her sleep wearing it and now before school insisted the show was over and it needed to come off. "I would like to keep it as a remembery." Straight faced as not to hurt her feelings I reassured her that none of us were going to forget the events of the day before.

It was just after noon when I got the call that Curly was in the nurse's office at school...... again... As soon as I heard it was a legitimate reason I was stricken with guilt. But if you have heard the story of the boy that cried wolf then you have a pretty good understanding of the story of Curly that cried ouch. When we moved this last time the school nurse got a little choked up as she hugged Curly goodbye. They had spent enough time together to form somewhat of a bond.

I pushed the stroller into the office and spotted my girl's tear stained face. The very nice nurse explained the fall she had taken on the playground and showed me the bloody knee. I hugged and kissed and hugged again. Curly bounced like a pin ball through the phases of being a hypochondriac in shock. From shaking to puking to making jokes to wanting to sleep. I managed to get her to the car and on the way to the ER. It was our first trip there since our move and Lord willing our last!

We walked up to the front desk and my Drama Queen asked the clerk for crutches. I looked down at her and reminded her she just walked in. She hobbled into the triage office and sat down, s-l-o-w-l-y. The nurse began her checklist and asked Curly what had happened.
Curly said "Well you see I was at Kansas Elementary School and I am in the 2nd grade and we were at our second recess, the one after lunch. And I was gonna run a race and you see I am the fastest girl and I was winning and this boy was cheering for me and well he got in my way and I tripped and went right to the ground." Quite impressed the nurse looked up at me as not to laugh out loud. Curly continued to talk. " And you know what the funny thing is, today at school we had a lesson on safety and how to not get hurt at school, but here I am."

In the waiting room I called Mr. LbF to fill him in on where we were in this process. I also reminded him that it was his "turn" to take the sick kid to the Dr. and that now he owed me two. With four kids you do that kind of thing.

Sitting with Curly she informed me that she was not surprised we were in the ER because earlier she had been sitting on the toilet that day and knew she was gonna get hurt at some point. I asked her to please picture me winning the lottery the next time she had to go.

Back in the belly of the ER we were put in a tiny room with many drawers I wanted to pilfer. Another nurse came in and asked Curly what had happened. Curly started in, word for word, her wild tale of the race that was not hers to win. "Well you see, I was at Kansas Elementary School and..." Impressed with the story the nurse then asked to take a good look at the injured knee. "I need you to take down your britches."
 Curly shot her a look that read "what did you just call me". Seeing my daughter stiffen up I said "your jeans baby she needs you to remove your pants."

The Dr came in next and after hearing the day's events that took place at Kansas Elementary School, determined that 4-6 stitches would be necessary. Curly was a champ and did not shed a tear as he numbed the area. All she did was rattle her teeth and speak jibberish. The Dr looked at me and asked about the bump on her head. I said the bump was superficial and she was acting normal... well normal for Curly. We both watched as he finished up his work cleaning and sewing. When he finished Curly asked if he could fix the hole in her jeans as well.

Daddy and Moe walked through the door as we were checking out. Curly took very very deep breaths with each movement when she was sure someone was watching. The Dr said no bending for two days and no running till the stitches were out. Curly looked up at her Daddy and said she really thought that a new Dolly and some ice cream would make her feel better.

When we were sure the ER had enough drama we got home in time for Larry to get off the school bus. Through the grapevine she knew Curly had been picked up but when she saw her sister limping she was shocked. She said " I thought you had just thrown up because they were giving out seconds on hot dogs today."

Throughout the evening the list of activities that Curly decided she could not manage on her own grew longer and longer. At one point she had her leg up on a chair and said "well I guess I better get used to this, this is how things are gonna be now." Mr. LbF carried and propped her up in our bed with some pillows. She rested her hands under her head and told him "I could get used to this."
I tucked her in and kissed her forehead. She asked if it was ok that she had gone to the nurse's office. I let her know yes that was one of the times it was ok to go to the nurse's office.

New family word "remembery"!

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