Monday, March 4, 2013

Get low low low

From her booster car seat, Moe starts cracking up and says "Mama did you see that man that had his pants down? I could see his underpants hahahahaha".  I glanced just in time out the back window to see a guy sagging his jeans and I wondered if he knew what a joke he looked like to my very wise 4 year old child.

The acts of adults must really make kids wonder sometimes. At 5 years old Curly went up to a soldier and asked him if he knew that smoking was "gonna get you dead". She is also the child that during the food plate program they are teaching at school, told her teacher her mother did not feed her right. She brought the poster with the picture of the food groups on it home and started comparing every meal I placed in front of her. The poster disappeared over night. I have not the faintest idea where it went.
On this same subject, there was a news program that was promoting a segment and the commercial posed the question "Are the size of our plates contributing to the problems with obesity in our country?" Larry, ever so concerned, turned to me and asked "Mama, did our plates make you fat?" I answered "No bitch, it was you!". Ok, I did not say that.....out loud.

My friend Erika says it is about the age of 10 that kids start to get their own ideas of what is a good idea. I think that may be because her oldest is now 10.

In a conversation I had today it was said that kids have formed their personalities by the time they are 5 years old. So all the time I was thinking was practice, it turns out was the test. I wonder what the mother of that guy on the street did when he was 3 to make him think it is a good idea to wear his clothes half off in public.