Sunday, March 31, 2013


Today could have looked like this:

While running late to church I found myself in the storage room upside down in a plastic tub digging through hand me downs. I was looking for Easter dresses that might, just might fit any of the girls in the size that they are today.

I struggled to get a comb through 5 heads of bedhead hair.

Tried to dress in something that made me look like I was overjoyed it was the day of the resurrection and not the day I saw the biggest number on the scale I have ever seen.

Stuffed 2 french toast stick in my cheeks and washed it down with coffee on the way to climb into a filthy minivan.

Peeled Moe off my leg in children's church.

Watched as a sandwich baggie exploded Kix all over the floor of the sanctuary. Not `Mother Approved` in that moment. Had to crawl across the floor to pick them all up so no one crunched when they stood to sing.

Curly brought the Pastor's wife into the sanctuary in the middle of the message to find me and get the keys so she could get her Easter basket out of the car. Embarrassed, I went with them to make sure I got my keys back from Curly.

After I made lunch I lost my cool and yelled at kids to clean up after themselves, because doing everything myself is making me go crazy.

Washed poopy panties out in the toilet.

Cleaned up from lunch, started making dinner all by myself.

Poured too much milk into mashed potatoes, turned them into potato soup. Tried to cook off some of the liquid and got attacked by hot potatoes.

Ran out of frosting while decorating Mr. LbF's birthday cake. Could not finish one side. Half done cake summed the day up perfectly.... or did it?

I choose to look at today and see:

Woke up on Easter morning healthy, not thin, but healthy.

My family were all glad to see me. Baby squealed in delight when he laid eyes on me.

Dressed my kids in clean clothes. Combed through their thick healthy hair.

Drove to church in our reliable vehicle. Got to church just in time to hear the band play music that praised Jesus.

Blessed enough to have something to put in the offering basket.

Took advantage of the fact we go to a church that has a nursery that feeds them snack. Took Shemp and his Kix.

Met the pastor's wife.

Fixed a meal I love to eat on Easter. Egg salad sandwiches.

Watched my husband chase our kids with water guns in the backyard, while I got to play in my kitchen alone.

Handled a situation with Moe without raising my voice, while I washed out poopy panties (no sugar coating that).

Prepared my husband's favorite meal for his birthday. Fed runny potatoes to my family without them noticing or saying a thing.

Laughed with my husband, till we were leaning on each other so we did not fall over, at how silly half his birthday cake looked.

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