Monday, August 19, 2013

Grounded from Life

Ok, let me set the scene:

It's 6:52 pm on a Monday night. After 24 hours of caring for a sick kiddo with 103 temp, I am sitting for the first time all day. The kitchen is closed for the night and the homework tug-of-war rope has been stowed till tomorrow. My eyes have been stinging since my 4th cup of joe that I drank after a fruitless attempt at a mid-day nap. When the laundry that I am sitting on warms to the temperature of my backside I move over one cushion and grab a warm towel to fold.
And that is when it happened... Curly came casually strolling up to me and said "Mom can I go ride my bike outside?"
Dread flooded my body and I quickly went through a Rolodex of good excuses.. I mean reasons, why she had to remain inside the house.

Riding her bike requires me the "helicopter Mom" to sit at the end of our driveway making sure all safety procedures are followed. I know it looks a lot like me checking to see if I have any new comments on my blog on my iphone and once in a while standing up after a car goes by to raise my hands in the air and yell for them to "SLOW DOWN". But really I am doing my parental duty. A duty that at this point of the day I just do not have the energy for.

Then it came to me.. "You can't ride your bike you are grounded, remember?"
"But you said I was grounded from TV and the computer, you never said I was grounded from my bike?"
And there it was... the moment I have been told by so many of my friends that have kids older then mine.
She got me..
I stuttered and did the number one thing your not supposed to do... I looked confused....
On my behalf she did catch me in a moment of weakness.

How did it come to this?

My friend Tracy who has 3 boys has told me a thousand times "Never show fear".  You can clap right in her face and she won't even flinch. That is what years of being in the trenches with her children has done to her.

Curly sensed my confusion. She smirked, walked past me, grabbed her bike helmet and headed toward the garage. Scrambling I yelled over my folded towel.. "NO, BECAUSE I SAID SO"......

Mirror..mirror..on the wall, I am my Mother after all....

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