Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Play it Safe

When my soldier is away over night I do my best to play it safe. Late last night I remembered I still needed to take the trash out to the curb. We live in a wonderfully family friendly community so it was not the boogie man I was worried about when I made the choice to check in with my friend before I went outside. I sent her a text saying I was headed out and would text again when I got back in and was settled. She replied and I stood up realizing I had to pee. But now I was on the clock... If I took too long surely my friend would fly over from 2 blocks away expecting to find me mauled by lions, tigers or bears. So I clinched and opened the garage door. There is no light on that side of the house and having not put the garbage out in a while I had forgotten this.
I blindly grabbed for the trash can handle. It was squishy, cold and wet... I screamed... About the same time I realized it was covered in slugs I also realized I had released my clinch and peed down into my flip flops.

Lessons learned:
Put trash at curb during the day.. and don't check in with friends when your about to do something stupid because then you have to try and explain yourself to the person laughing their head off over the phone.

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