Thursday, August 15, 2013

Summer Lovin

The Bomar family summer was as busy as ever! Trying to fill you in on every detail would take all day and I can only hide from my kids in this closet for so long before I run out of air. To get you caught up below is our summer in pictures!

We taught the baby to splash in the puddles! Or he learned to play in the street.....?

We followed all packaging instructions on the new lawn mower... well almost..

We played "Wheres Waldo" at my sisters college graduation!

And when we found her I took really great photographs to capture the moment...

I had lots of help doing laundry.....

We threw our bodies down a wet plastic tarp and called it fun!

We hung around a river..

I went to my four year olds salon for the last time...

We all got library cards!

I found some wild animals at the zoo, and saw a few Chimpanzees.

I enjoyed being loved.....

I kept my expensive new phone out of harms way... mostly...

I ate right...well... I ate good!!

And last but not least... Got my picture taken with a lady dressed as a giant vagina, just because I could!

I pray you had a wonderful summer!

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