Monday, November 18, 2013

Paper Cut

I collect crap. But some of the crap collected, is for a good cause. I scourer our groceries looking for "Box Tops" to clip out and send with my kids to school. Schools need every penny they can get. I mail in pink yogurt lids after I have licked each one, to do my part for breast cancer. I had a container that held soda can tops till I forgot what I was saving them for.

It should come as no surprise the fact that I dove right in when my kids requested that I start yet another collection. For the past week I have been painstakingly cutting out the plastic window of envelopes that have come in the mail. I even went back through my recycling to make sure I had not missed any.

The biggest contributor to my hoarding habit, as of late, has got to be Pinterest. As soon as I saw that  there is a whole section on using everyday objects in a new way, the collecting got out of control. Did you know that you can use plastic bread ties to mark your electronic cords? Or that if you slice an apple like a tick tack toe board and wrap it with a large rubber band it will stay fresh and not brown in a lunch bag! Let me blow your mind with this one.... clip all your necklaces around paper towel cardboard tubes so they don't get tangled when you move... 
Before you click off my blog to look up the crap your going to start collecting let me get back to my story..

Today I proudly held up my bounty of mail harvest to Larry and Curly. At which point they both keeled over in fits of laughter. Even through a crinkled envelope window it was clear that I had been HAD!

How dare they take advantage of my willingness to collect trash... and for SPORT! Who is raising these kids anyway?