Friday, February 28, 2014

Walking the Talk

Remember the old saying "Don't talk the talk, if you can't walk the walk"? Well I have found myself doing exactly that. I talk big. I say things like:
"My children are my favorite people and I love spending time with them".
And I say "As much as possible, we do not let the Army dictate our children's young lives."
I have also been known to say "I am never alone for I have my God walking every step of the way with me". I also preach to our children that this life is made up of choices. The choices that we make help shape our lives into what we want them to be. I tell them that if you put your Faith in Christ that he will help you make the right choices and the outcome is a direct result of the choices made.

My little family has been planning a big trip across this great country of ours. Round trip from KS to CA to OR. We are taking the RV that I choose on a trip that I planned. We are taking the dogs that I choose. We are packing the things on a list that I made. The one thing that I did not choose is that my soldier would be deploying at the same time I had chosen for us to leave on our great adventure.

So now what?

I have put my life in Christ's hands and made choices that have lead me to be married to a man that I am even humbled to know. A man that treats me like a gift that was given to him. I have accepted the choice and the blessing to have four amazing children. I have lived in a manner that has attracted people to me and that choose to be my friends, Army family, and family.

It is time to walk the walk. I choose to put my Faith and sanity in God's hands, load my blessings and dogs into that house on wheels, wave farewell to my soldier and hit the gas!

I choose adventure!

I choose to believe that my children really are people worth spending time with. And that even something as silly as a road trip can strengthen the bonds that we have with friends we will see along the way. I choose to believe that no matter where I am, if I truly needed someone, my family and Army family would move mountains to get to me. I am also choosing to document the whole thing because this is gonna be wild.

Here is another old saying "The proof is in the pudding".
I am about to take a walk in some 'deeep' pudding.

So the best laid plans, right? Once again I am humbled by my Lord. Days before our big adventure we found out that my soldier was not being deployed but placed in a position that would have him home taking care of soldiers. We remain humbled. Other soldiers in our unit that have separated from their families during this time are in our daily prayers.
As for our trip...let's just say, stay tuned!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Tank Gunnery Lullaby

Tank Gunnery Lullaby
by Faith Bomar

Feel the house shake
The rumble that you hear
It warms my heart because he feels near

It is a reminder of what he does for us all
He is part of the few that have answered the call

Don’t pay any mind to this Tankers wife
I may look alone but I am his for life

The only thing he loves more then that boom
Are God, country and the fruit of my womb

I tuck in our brats with a kiss and a prayer
They fall asleep to the resound in the air

The rapid fire of a 50 cal
May startle a few as it is heard for miles

To me it serves as a memory so sweet
The times when his lips speed up my heartbeat

May his tracks ride smooth and his aim be true
So the days he’s away can number a few

Boots caked in mud, bags filthy with dirt
The sweet stench of diesel will come from his shirt

His face will crease into a smile
He will give me that look of “it’s been awhile”